Zimplow explores solar power

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Zimplow Holdings (Zimplow), a major supplier of agricultural implements in Zimbabwe, is taking steps to reduce its environmental impact by focusing on energy efficiency and exploring renewable energy sources.

According to the company’s recently released 2023 annual report, Zimplow is implementing measures to ensure its manufacturing operations and workshops utilise less energy.

“The group ensures that manufacturing operations and workshops are energy efficient to achieve low energy usage. We continue to explore alternative clean energy sources including the provision of solar energy to our businesses,” Zimplow said in its annual report.

The Victoria Falls Stock Exchange-listed firm said although its operations do not consume much energy, it recognises the importance of reducing the consumption of energy, particularly, from non-renewable energy sources.

“Considering global warming, achieving energy efficiency is an important objective of our business,” Zimplow said.

The group said it is cognisant of the impact its operations have on the environment and communities and has made a commitment to minimise the impacts.

“The group is committed to protecting the environment and preservation of natural resources. The impact of environmental damage and climate change are critical to the viability of our business,” Zimplow said.

“Potential consequences on the environment and natural resources can be financial, physical and intangible. This necessitates the group to take appropriate measures to minimise impact on the environment, climate and natural resources, which are considered as capital for the business.”

It said its approach to recycling is to ensure that all materials that can be recycled as inputs into other products are screened for negative impacts and that they meet the quality and standards for re-use.

Zimplow said this mainly applies to Mealie Brand where scrap material is accumulated and recycled for use.

The group said environmental stewardship is one of the criteria for supplier selection and anchors its environmental sustainability approach.

“We represent leading original equipment manufacturers most notably Massey Ferguson, Develon Monosem, Perkins, Sparex and we are the pioneers of the green plough, Mealie Brand and Master Farmer. These principals and brands are synonymous with international best practice in green supply chains, in the way they support their value chains right through to the disposal of their products,” Zimplow said.

It added that it ensures that the disposal of waste and effluent meets environmental laws, statutory obligations and international standards.

“Our safety, health, environmental and quality officers evaluate the disposal methods and ensure are in line with our environmental stewardship values, statutory, and international standards,” Zimplow said.

The group said it remained committed to the principles of energy and water efficiency in the business value chain.

“We recognise climate change as a strong emerging business challenge which has financial implications. Our strategy is to monitor our own carbon footprint and water usage with the goal of ensuring that we play our part in minimising negative impacts from our business operations,” Zimplow said.

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