Parliament calls for swift finalisation of Climate Change Bill

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Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Mudenda, has called on the Committee on Environment, Climate, and Tourism and the Thematic Committee on Climate Change to expedite the finalisation of the Climate Change Bill.

Mudenda made the remarks during the Induction and Capacity Building Workshop for the committees. He highlighted President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s address during the State of the Nation Address, which emphasised the importance of the Bill.

“The much-awaited Bill will consolidate fragmented pieces of climate change-related laws and instruments in the country and mainstream climate change in development planning and budgeting,” Mudenda said at the workshop.

The Bill is seen as a critical step in addressing climate change in Zimbabwe. It will consolidate existing climate change-related laws and regulations, ensuring a more cohesive approach. Additionally, the Bill aims to mainstream climate change considerations into national development planning and budgeting.

A key feature of the Bill is the establishment of a National Climate Fund dedicated to financing climate change response actions, potentially including initiatives for mitigation and adaptation.

Furthermore, the Bill seeks to create a framework for Carbon Credits Trading, a market-based mechanism that could incentivise greenhouse gas emission reductions.

Mudenda commended the committees for their active participation during public hearings on the Bill. Their continued involvement is crucial for ensuring the Bill effectively addresses Zimbabwe’s climate challenges.

The finalisation of the Climate Change Bill is a significant development for Zimbabwe’s environmental policy. The Bill has the potential to streamline climate action, mobilise resources, and promote innovative solutions for a more sustainable future.

The Thematic Committee on Climate Change is charged with ensuring the development and implementation of robust climate change policies across all sectors of the economy.

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