First Mutual Properties makes strides in green building initiatives

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First Mutual Properties (FMP), a leading real estate company in Zimbabwe, is making significant strides in promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility within the industry.

In its 2023 annual report, the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange-listed firm highlighted its commitment to energy efficiency, renewable energy adoption, waste reduction, and community engagement.

“As First Mutual Properties, we recognise the role we play in promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility within the real estate industry. Our approach encompasses a range of strategies, including energy efficiency measures, renewable energy adoption, waste reduction, and community engagement,” FMP said.

“Our green buildings are designed to minimise adverse impacts on the environment, promote resource efficiency, prioritise energy efficiency, water conservation, reduce carbon emissions and improve occupant well-being. We utilise solar energy thus reducing electricity required from the national power grid and minimising the need for generator fuel allowing cost savings.”

The group said it invested in retrofitting buildings so that they incorporate energy-efficient features. These buildings utilise natural lighting, reducing the need for artificial lighting and consequent energy consumption.

“We adopted Light Emitting Diodes which are energy-efficient and consume less electricity compared to conventional lighting options,” the annual report said.

“Our initiatives include incorporating design features that improve natural lighting within buildings enhancing the indoor environment, leading to increased occupant comfort and productivity. FMP promotes the inclusion of plants within buildings, which helps improve indoor air quality. The presence of plants also helps filter pollutants and enhances the overall well-being of occupants.”

By implementing these comprehensive sustainability initiatives, FMP is demonstrating its leadership in environmental responsibility within the Zimbabwean real estate industry.

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