Econet offsets power cuts with green energy investments

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Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, the country’s largest mobile network operator, announced that it is deploying renewable energy solutions to counter network disruptions caused by persistent power outages on the national grid.

Power disruptions have negatively impacted service quality and network availability in the telecommunications sector.

Econet’s investment in renewable energy is part of efforts to reducing its carbon emission footprint to minimise environmental impact.

The listed firm has installed solar base stations and powering its office sites and major switching centres with solar as it moves towards carbon neutrality.

“As power outages on the national grid remained prevalent, we have continued to deploy renewable energy solutions to mitigate service degradation. Consequently, the business was able to maintain a high uptime on the majority of our base stations. We will continue to invest in green power solutions to improve network availability,” Econet chairman, James Myers, said in the group’s financial results.

Zimbabwe has been grappling with power shortages for years, leading to frequent power cuts that cripple businesses and daily life.

Econet’s move towards renewable energy suggests a long-term strategy to lessen dependence on the national grid and potentially reduce reliance on expensive backup generators.

On environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives, Myers said ensuring the sustainability of Econet’s shared world and business, effective stakeholder management and engagement, as well as adhering to sound ESG principles remain at the core of its values.

“We engaged in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Accelerator Program under the United Nations Global Compact, to integrate SDGs into our corporate framework, solidifying our footprint in the ESG space,” he said.

He added that the business implemented a robust staff wellness program covering six pillars that included emotional, physical, financial, medical, occupational, and spiritual dimensions to provide a supportive work environment.

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